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The Barn at the View


Upper Level Main Floor Foyer Upper Level Conference Seating Lower Level (looking into Barn)
Foyer Upper Level Video Projector Available Lower Level Kitchen Full-Service Caterer’s Kitchen Restrooms Handicap Accessible Shower Available Parking Parking in Front/Side/Rear Handicap Accessible SEATING Seating Capacities Table/Chair Setup Upper Level 120 Lower Level 50
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Upper Level Foyer
Upper Level Main
Conference Seating
Upper Level Staircase
Upper Level Staircase
Lower Level
Kitchen - Cold Storage
Kitchen - Freezer & Refrigerator
Kitchen - Cooking Area
Kitchen - Cooking Area
Kitchen - Prep Area
Kitchen - Prep Area
Parking (Rear Area 1)
Parking Area 1 to the rear. Lower Level (Looking toward doors)
Lower Level
Kitchen - Dish Washing
Kitchen - Dish Washing Area Upper Level - 2nd Level "loft"
Upper Level - 2nd
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The Barn At The View
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